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Europe in Winter

The world isn’t black and white. Summer doesn’t run year-round, and watermelons aren’t always in season. White wine gets replaced by red. White snow melts into green...

Coach Touring

Coach touring has evolved in the past decade with tour companies including Trafalgar offering a vast selection of ESCORTED TRAVEL itineraries AROUND THE WORLD...

PROSECCO - Did you know?

Pop Open the Prosecco!

A bubbly wine that  is quickly catching on as a happy Italian alternative to champagne.  Prosecco is an unpretentious sparkling wine that is gaining a devoted following around the globe as imports increase and new imbibers taste the citrusy refreshing wine.

Not that it's a been tightly held secret here; Italians have long savored Prosecco as a nice way to start a meal or enjoy a chat with friends in a sunny piazza.  It's also the key fizzy ingredient in famous cocktails like the Bellini and Spritz. 

The wine's name comes from the grape variety, which grows on the steep hills of the Veneto region, near Treviso.  The primary producing zone is around the picturesque towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, which are ideally situated between the peaks of the Dolomites and the waters of the Adriatic Sea.  The climate is great for these grapes, which have grown there for centuries.  It is naturally sparkling, undergoing a second fermentation process, usually in pressurized steel tanks, a technique perfected at the prestigious Enological School in Conegliano, the oldest wine institute in Italy.  It creates a pleasant, palatable, dry yet fruity wine with abundant bubbles.

While some Champagnes can carry a hefty price tag, most Proseccos are moderately priced.  Prosecco also has that Italian label, making them appealing to those who know that good things come from the bel paese!   So next time you want a bit of bubbly, why not pop open the Prosecco?



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